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Hello, Mara. Goodbye Suffering.

Self-portrait. Watercolors

Hello, Mara is a project I’ve created in the wake of my battles with depression and drug addiction—two devastating phenomena that affect countless people, yet are widely misunderstood. The aim of Hello, Mara is to help people by sharing my story and discoveries as I set out to gain a better understanding of these topics and find peace within.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for recovering from addiction. What works for one may not work for another. The content on this site is a reflection of my personal experience—successes and failures—and is intended for your consideration. We may share the same perspective on some topics but not others. That’s okay. Take with you anything that helps and toss the rest. Lets find our peace within.

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One of my goals for Hello, Mara is to compile an extensive list of recovery resources that I can categorize and present in an easy-to-navigate format to make it easier for people to find help that is appropriate for their situation.

If you have any information regarding recovery resources, please e-mail them to me at TakeOnMara@gmail.com

All help is greatly appreciated!

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